Menu Planning

We will be partnering again with Local Thyme for the 2015 season.

Membership with Local Thyme is included with your CSA membership. Local Thyme has been rated by its members as the #1 resource for information and recipes for CSA vegetables. Their mission is to teach you how to “Cook Your Way through Your CSA.”

Each Week’s Plan will include:

  •  1 Clean out the Fridge/Catch-All Recipe
  •  1-2 Quick Weeknight Dinner Recipes
  •  6 Comforting Classic Recipes
  •  6 Outside the Box Recipes

Each recipe will give options for omnivore, gluten free and vegetarian. This means instead of 6-8 ideas each week, Local Thyme will now provide you with 14 or more ideas to help you cook your way through your CSA.

Here are some of the features that has made Local Thyme a one stop shop for cooking through your season’s box:

  • 4000 seasonal vegetable-centric recipes
  • Extensive Vegetable Guide, including ID photos and prep. and storage tips
  • Tips and Tricks in the kitchen
  • Recipe Box to help you keep track of favorite recipes
  • Ask the Chef -  7 day a week chef support for cooking/recipe questions

Closer to the start of our season, we will send you the farm code to set up or renew your membership with Local Thyme.